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Summer tennis camp

A summer tennis camp in Barcelona is an excellent opportunity for tennis enthusiasts of all skill levels to improve their game, meet new people, and explore the vibrant city of Barcelona.

The tennis camp works in terms of weeks and it is held in our two academies around the city of Barcelona. Participants would be divided into groups based on their skill level, and each group would receive coaching and instruction from experienced tennis coaches.

The daily schedule would include several hours of tennis training and practice, as well as additional activities such as fitness and conditioning sessions, mental training, and match play. There will be also opportunities for players to receive one-on-one coaching and to participate in clinics focused on specific aspects of the game, such as serving or footwork.

In addition to the tennis activities, the camp will also include cultural and social activities to allow participants to experience the unique flavor of Barcelona. These will include visits to local landmarks and attractions, guided tours of the city, and social events such as group dinners or outings to local restaurants and cafes.

Overall, the summer tennis camp in Barcelona would offer a unique and enriching experience for tennis players looking to improve their skills while also enjoying the beautiful city and culture of Barcelona.

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