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It is irrefutable that tennis improvement is largely predicated on one’s ability to increase mental acuity. A gradual process, over time, pays large dividends. Understanding that, besides the general understanding of ‘process’ as it relates to improvement, there is also a ‘mental process’ is crucial in a player’s development. Creating mental processes that become habitual can eventually lead to them to becoming weapons. For the beginner, simple processes may include setting goals that push them, staying focused on giving effort, learning through mistakes and scheduling enough time with a quality coach to achieve their goals. What are the key benefits of mental coaching?

• Controlling Thoughts
• Heightened Focus
• Controlling Arousal
• Using Visualization
• Building Confidence
• Addressing Limiting Beliefs
• Entering the Zone

The zone is the state of mind where the brain makes the switch from the conscious state to the sub conscious state resulting in optimal performance while performing an activity. Being in the zone is when we feel our best and play our best tennis. Some athletes find the zone more than others and we will look into how they do it. By constantly putting these tennis psychology tools into practice, tennis players can improve their mental toughness and enjoyment of the game.  Our top tennis psychologist and mental coach Toni Tello Portilo will tell you more about the psychology of tennis at our academy.

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