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Meet Jordi «Coma,» a man whose journey from a young tennis enthusiast to a respected figure in the world of sports management is as inspiring as it is fascinating. Jordi’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence that has taken him to new heights in the tennis world.

Jordi grew up in a small town in Spain, where tennis was more than just a game—it was a way of life. His family had a rich tradition in the sport, and from a young age, Jordi was taught the values of discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. He spent countless hours on the court, honing his skills and absorbing the strategies that would later become the foundation of his career.

As he grew older, Jordi realized that his true passion lay not just in playing the game but in helping others achieve their potential. He saw how talented players often struggled to find the right guidance and support to turn their dreams into reality. This realization ignited a new spark within him, setting him on a path to become a leader in tennis management and coaching.

Jordi’s first big break came when he joined the Barcelona Tennis Academy. His innovative approach and keen understanding of the sport quickly made him a standout figure within the organization. He had a unique ability to connect with players on a personal level, understanding their individual needs and creating tailored plans to guide them toward success. Under his leadership, the academy grew in reputation, becoming one of Spain’s premier tennis training centers.

But Jordi wasn’t satisfied with just being part of something great; he wanted to create something even greater. He envisioned an academy that would offer players a holistic approach to development, where their physical, mental, and emotional needs were all addressed. This vision led him to Barcelona Sports Academy, where he now serves as Director.

At Barcelona Sports Academy, Jordi has implemented his innovative approach, focusing on comprehensive planning and a one-to-one mentorship model. He believes that every player is unique and deserves personalized attention. Jordi’s commitment to his players has not only transformed their careers but has also made the academy a sought-after destination for aspiring athletes.

Top 5 benefits you will get with Jordi:

Comprehensive Career Development: Jordi’s focus at Barcelona Sports Academy is on providing players with a holistic approach to career development. He designs personalized plans that encompass all aspects of a player’s growth, including physical conditioning, technical skills, mental toughness, and strategic gameplay.

Expert Team Collaboration: Jordi has assembled a team of highly qualified professionals at Barcelona Sports Academy. This group includes coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and sports psychologists, ensuring that each player receives expert guidance across all areas of their training and competition.

One-to-One Mentorship: A key element of Jordi’s approach is his commitment to individualized attention. He believes that players perform best when they receive tailored advice and guidance. At Barcelona Sports Academy, each athlete works closely with a dedicated mentor to track progress, set goals, and adjust training as needed.

International Opportunities: Under Jordi’s leadership, Barcelona Sports Academy provides players with opportunities to compete on an international stage. By organizing and facilitating participation in tournaments worldwide, he helps players gain exposure and experience that are critical for a successful professional career.

Personalized Player Experience: Jordi prioritizes creating a supportive environment where players feel valued and understood. This includes providing comfortable accommodations, flexible schedules, and a community-focused atmosphere. At Barcelona Sports Academy, the goal is to foster a sense of belonging, allowing players to concentrate on their training and ultimately achieve their professional

With Jordi’s addition, Barcelona Sports Academy will expand its offerings in Barcelona (across various centers) and other countries, providing comprehensive services including pick-ups, transportation, accommodation, meals, physical and mental training, tournaments, licenses, clubs, teams—essentially, all sorts of details for players who want to start or continue their sports career professionally with a family-like academy that offers personal attention.

Join the Barcelona Sports Academy team, and with our support, you can live the dream and achieve your goal of becoming an elite player.

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